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Specializing In Writing: Science Fiction, A.I./Robotics, Space Aliens Technologies,  Fictional/Fantasy and Urban Fiction Stories  

D.G.GUNTeR Author/Illustrator
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Thank you for visiting the Official Authorized Website for D. G. GUNTeR Author/Illustrator.   A Creative Studio where Words and Images Merges for Clarity To the Reader Or The Viewer. Here there are never-ending Possibilities of Ideas, Colorful Spacescape of Paintings and 3D Sculptfusions taking you on a Visual Voyage.   

All Fiction Book Stories Writing and Images Copyrighted by Author/Illustrator D. G. GUNTeR.      Since 2007 - 2022  No Images/Writing Of Stories are permitted To be Downloaded on this Site without written Permission From D.G. GUNTeR.                                                 
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NEW SIFI BOOK COMING SOON  FEB/MAR 2022                       

D.G. GUNTeR Author/Illustrator                         

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