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Fine Art Paintings, Books Illustrations, Graphics Designs, Fiction/Nonfiction Stories Writing, Music

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Artist Bio
   Illustrator/Author & Musician Bio
JAN 2022-2023
David Gunter Studio: Producing Books Illustrations, Publishing Books, Fine Art Paintings, Freelancing Illustrations For Other Clients, etc. Newnan/Atlanta Ga.

JUNE 2018-2021
Original Figuratives Oil Paintings and Signed Prints on Display, Group Art Show "Incredible Artists Market" at Greenbriar Mall Atlanta Ga.

APRIL 2018-2021
Original Figuratives Oil Paintings and Opening Edition Signed Prints on display In Macy's Department Store at Denua's African Treasures Art Gallery, Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta Ga

JULY 2017- MARCH 2018  
New Original Figuratives Oil Paintings and Open Additional Prints on Display (For Sale) at Macy's Department Store. Upstairs in Denua's African Treasures Art Gallery. Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta Ga

Second Show/"Networking Fridays Events
Book Signing/Original Science Fiction, Figuratives Oil Paintings and Digital Paintings Display at T-Mobile Store in Newnan, Ga. 

JUNE 2016
Book Signing/Original Science Fiction, Figuratives Oil Paintings and Digital Paintings Display at T-Mobile Store in Newnan Ga. "Networking Fridays Event"  

MB Miller & Bynum Design/Atlanta Ga. Originals Oils and Abstract Paintings Art Show  

MB Miller & Bynum Design/Atlanta Ga. OriginalS Oils and Abstract Paintings Art Show 

Scott Antique Market/Atlanta: Group Art Show displaying my Science Fiction Originals/Prints

Macy's/Denua's African Treasures Art Gallery/Atlanta (Art Show) Exhibiting Original Figuratives Paintings.

Wells Fargo Bank/Sharpsburg Ga. Art Show, displaying My Original Science Fiction Paintings

West End Market/Atlanta Ga.: Displaying and Selling My Figuratives and Science Fiction Originals and Art Prints.

Corner Art Gallery/Newnan Ga. (Art Show) Exhibiting my Original Paintings and Prints 

Breakdown Production: Movie Title, Let The Church Say Amen. Framed Art Prints were used on their Set. 

Emory University Solo Art Exhibit of Originals Paintings and Prints, Decatur Ga

Emory University Solo Art Exhibit of Original Paintings and Framed Prints, Decatur Ga.

Warner Bro./Gospel Truth Pictures LLC. Movie Title Joyful Noise, Starting Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. Some of my art were used on their set.

2005 - 2009
J & S Fine Art Publisher: Created and Painted in oils on canvas a Variety of subject matters to be Mass Produce as Framed Art Prints to a universal.Market.

2001 - 2007
US Art Publisher: Produced a variety of subjects in Airbrush, Oils and Acrylics on Canvas to be mass Produce as Framed Art Prints to a National/International Market.

David Gunter Illustrator/Author & Musician. Gunter Produced Original Fine Art Oils and Acrylics Paintings (Figurative, Portraits, Florals, Abstracts, Sceneries, etc.) on canvas for (7) different Art Publishers. All images was mass-produce and distributed as Framed Prints wholesale Local/National/International Markets. Some of his Framed Art Prints and Originals hangs in many Homes, Offices, Corporate and Churches. Some of his Prints used as background settings for a few of Warner Bro. Movie and TV Shows. He has earned a BFA Degree from Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus Ohio. Moved to Atlanta Georgia after graduating. Gunter worked as a Freelancer Illustrator with different Advertising Agencies, Corporate Firms, Manufactures, Design Firms Illustrating consumers realistic Products such as, Furniture. Appliances, Aviation/Technical Illustrations, etc.

As a Book Author writing under Pen Name (D.G. GUNTeR). Genre are Urban Fiction, Inspirational/Spirituality, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Afrofuturism, Historical Fiction and Poetry/Songs. Gunter Influenced by his Father David Gunter Sr.with Art and Mother Julia M Gunter who use to write Short Stories/Journals, but never Publish any of them into Books. He has taken his Parents Talents to the next Level. wants his Stories, to Motivate, Entertain, expand the reader imagination to think outside the box, become the best at whatever they want to be and do in life. Gunter blends reality and fantasy with his written Fiction stories to create in-depth visuals with the Locations, Settings Background and characters/villains throughout each narrative Storyline. 

Gunter played twenty years with different Band Groups on stage as a Blues Lead/Rhythm Guitarist and keyboardist, He is writing, composing Original Jazz Fusion Music Tracks (Background Music)to be recorded for a few of his written Books Stories and Personal Music For the General Public. Now current live in Newnan/Atlanta Georgia.

Artist Bio
   FINE ART/ILLUSTRATION / SHOWS / EVENTS                                        
    David Gunter Illustrator/Author & Musician Bio
   PUBLISHING / BOOK SHOWS / EVENTS                                           
3. NOV/DEC 2022
NEW Science Fiction Book Coming Soon:                                                                "Amongst The Lunar Transcendants Aliens"  Obelisk Disk Mysteries                                Publisher: Lulu Press
2. SEPT/OCT 2022
NEW Afrofuturism Book Coming Soon:                                                               "Ancient Kemet Afronauts" Interstellar Dimensional Jumpers                                              Publisher: Lulu Press

1. MAY/AUG  2022
NEW Urban Fiction Book Coming Soon:  "Digital Realities"                              (Manuscript In The Process Of Being Edit/Proof):Publisher Lulu Press

Science Fiction Book  "A.I. Android Aliens Civilization" .                                       Publisher: Lulu Press

Science Fiction Book. "Defender X2,"  Third Genesis Reset                                Publisher: Lulu Press

APRIL 2021
Science Fiction Book:  "Madam Butterfly,"  Cosmic Gatekeepers                         Publisher: Lulu Press

Science Fiction Book:  "Interplanetary Warriors Prophecy "                                  Publisher: Lulu Press

DgFusion Jazz Funk Fusion Music Samples Video  "Love Me The Way You Do, Yesss..."      May 24 2022          

Thanks For Watching and Listening, Enjoy.

David Gunter current writing, composing and recording Original Jazz Music Tracks for a few of his Written Stories Titles and the echo's of the times/twenty first century earth humans live in, etc. Producing Personal Jazz Funk Fusion Instrumental Music Mixes and Blues with a feeling soon to be up on my site straight out the ATL.                                  

Gunter a self taught Musician has twenty three Years of Blues/Jazz Music experiences..Played Lead/Rhythm Guitar and Keyboard with many different Bands Groups around the City of Atlanta, Fulton County, Decatur Ga in many Clubs and outdoors music/special events. Gunter's came from a long line of Gospel and Blues Players, R&B Cousins from the Fifty;s (1954 - 90's).His uncle Arthur Gunter a Blues Musician wrote a famous hit song in the 50's called ("Baby Let's Play House" Go To YouTube) and many more Blues Songs.

MORE NEW ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTED JAZZ AND                     BLUES MUSIC VIDEOS RECORDINGS                             SAMPLES TRACKS  COMING SOON.                                            
Jazz Music Samples Videos Tracks
MUSIC VIDEOS RECORDINGS / MUSIC EVENTS                                           
DgFusion Jazz & Blues            
 JAN. 01 2022 David Gunter/Musician and Songwriter Newnan/Atlanta Ga. USA                             Memberships/Affiliated: Ascap, Bmi, Songstrust, US/International Copyrights Offices,     Music Publishers, etc.                     
Music a true art form of expression, Spiritual in nature and Universal/Cosmic language