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  Innovative Creative Illustration, Design and Fine Art Studio
Artist Bio
Artist Bio
    Artist Bio

JUNE 2018-2021
Original Oil Paintings and Signed Prints on Display, Group Art Show "Incredible Artists Market" at Greenbriar Mall Atlanta Ga.

APRIL 2018-2021
Original Oil Paintings and Opening Edition 24"x36" Signed Prints On display In Macy's Department Store at Denua's African Treasures Art Gallery, Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta Ga

JULY 2017- MARCH 2018  
New Original Oil Paintings and Open Additional Prints on Display (For Sale) at Macy's Department Store. Upstairs in Denua's African Treasures Art Gallery. Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta Ga

Second Show/"Networking Fridays Events
Book Signing/Original Oil Paintings and Digital Paintings Display at T-Mobile Store in Newnan, Ga. 

JUNE 2016
Book Signing/Original Oil Paintings and Digital Paintings Display at T-Mobile Store in Newnan Ga. "Networking Fridays Event"  

MB Miller & Bynum Design/Atlanta Ga. Original Abstract Paintings on Display

MB Miller & Bynum Design/Atlanta Ga. Original Abstract Paintings on Display

Scott Antique Market/Atlanta: Group Art Show displaying my Originals/Prints

Macy's/Denua's African Treasures Art Gallery/Atlanta (Art Show) Exhibiting Original Paintings.

Wells Fargo Bank/Sharpsburg Ga. Art Show, displaying My Original Paintings

West End Flea Mart/Atlanta Ga.: Displaying My Originals and Art Prints.

Corner Art Gallery/Newnan Ga. (Art Show) Exhibiting my Original Paintings and Prints 

Breakdown Production: Movie Title, Let The Church Say Amen. Art were used on their Set. 

Emory University Solo Art Exhibit of Originals and Prints, Decatur Ga

Emory University Solo Art Exhibit for Black History Month Decatur Ga.

Warner Bro./Gospel Truth Pictures LLC. Movie Title Joyful Noise, Starting Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. Some of my art were used on their set.

2005 - 2009
J & S Fine Art Publisher: Created and Painted in oils on canvas a Variety of subject matters to be Mass Produce as Framed Art Prints to a universal.Market.

2001 - 2007
US Art Publisher: Produced a variety of subjects in Airbrush, Oils and Acrylics on Canvas to be mass Produce as Framed Art Prints to a National/International Market.

  David Gunter Illustrator/Author and Painter. Gunter's  Paintings Conveys a Universal Emotions of Common Human Experiences and Moods Throughout his work. His insight and natural abilities deliverer message imbued with different transcendent experiences creating a balancing act with his creativity. He has a BFA Degree from Columbus College of Art and Design from Columbus Ohio. After graduating, he moves to Atlanta Georgia and work in different Commercial art and Technical fields. For ten years Gunter Produce oil Paintings of many subjects for Art Publishers who mass-produce and distributed his images as Prints National/International. 

 Specializing in writing Black/African American Children's Books and Fiction Stories. Mostly written stories blends Fantasy and Reality to create indepth understanding to engage the readers imagenation. Gunter's stories are Educational/Inspirational fun fill Adventures, Chronicle Series,Thillers, etc. Producting Computer Digital Illustrations for most BookCovers/Interiors pages and Traditional Painting for Fine Art.  

His Framed Art Prints, Originals hangs in many homes, offices, Corporates, and churches. Some Prints were used as background for a few of Warner Bro. Movie and TV settings. Gunter lives in Newnan Georgia with his wife Carolyn.

   FINE ART SHOWS / EVENTS                                        
    David Gunter II Author/Illustrator Bio

JUNE 2021
NEW: Science Fiction Book:  "PROPHECY" Interplanetary Warriors
A Monk Train Saga

APRIL 2021
Book Publish For children. "Beautiful Chocolate Me, I Love" Lulu Press

Book Publish For Children's Dreamland World" Lulu Press

New Original Oil Paintings and Open Additional Prints For Sale Online at Fine Art America. Com  

Book Publish For Children's  "KinFolks" Create Space. 

   BOOKS / SHOWS / EVENTS / PUBLISHERS                                        

​Rich's Advertising Dept.
Macy's Advertising Dept.                                            Sign Graphics
Burrell Communication Group
Matlock & Associates Inc.
M&M Hair Product Inc.
Simmons USA
Haverty's Furniture Co.
Coca Cola USA
Northwest Avionics
M C Universal Art Publisher
Warner Bro.
Gospel Truth Pictures
Breakdown Productions 
Miller & Zell Design Firm
U.S. Art Publisher                                                            Atlanta Art Framing and Publisher                                  F & S Fine Art Publisher   .   

   COMMISSION ILLUSTRATIONS CLIENTS                                                  

2006 - 2009                                                                                                                              Juneteenth Festivals Atlanta Ga. Live performance Blues and Jazz     

2001 - 2005
Juneteenth Festivals Atlanta Ga. Played Live Performance with a local Jazz and Blues Band

2000 - 2001
Club 291 Campbellton Rd. Atlanta, Ga. Sing/Perform Live with In-House Blues Band.

2000 - 2001
Fraternity Club Campbellton Road Atlanta Ga Perform live as a Guitarist with The In-House Band along with Williams Blues Man Reed.

2001 - 2002
Sand Shore Club  Glenwood  Rd Decatur Ga Perform Live along with my friend Williams Blues Man Reed in the Club In-House Band.

1998 - 1999                                                                                                                  Sandra (Known as SaNa Band) Atlanta Ga. Perform Outdoors Fourth July Jamming Party.

1996 - 1999                                                                                                                         Rib Shack Blues Club. Decatur, Ga. Played Rhythm and Lead Guitar with the In-House Band "Deacon And HolySmoke Blues band/Sammy Blu" and Johnny Guitar.

1985​ - 1990                                                                                                                    Inhouse Studio Musician Playing Rhythm and Lead Guitar with Middlebrooks Band Group, Decatur Ga. .
 DAVID GUNTER MUSIC CAREER                                     Self -Taught Musician: Specializes In Blues, Jazz, R&B.   Instruments: Guitar and Keyboard